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Ursa Corpse Set Avatars

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28 minutes ago, Witch__KinG said:

Can anyone tell me how the silver bonus of URSA Corpse avatars works? I mean how you should by them in row, and how many of them needed?


Here are the URSA alt avatars and their set bonus:

Ussuri (Gauntlet)    Nothing
Uproar (Flux)    URSA Bonus I (1.2x Silver)
Kodia (Devourer)    URSA Wildflower Maize (Name Color)
Axia (Moraxus)    URSA Bonus II (1.4x Silver)
Barrage (Bombardier)    URSA Taunt
Scoria (Magmus)    URSA Bonus III (1.6x Silver)
Gunclaw (Gunblade)    URSA Courier
Grizzington (Sir Benzington)    URSA Bonus IV (1.8x Silver)
Arctos (The Gladiator)    URSA Corps Announcer Pack
Mistress of Arms (Master of Arms)    URSA Bonus V (2.0x Silver)

Ofc if you want to be eligible for the bonus silver you have to own the previous ones, for example, if you want  (1.2x Silver) you will need Ussuri and Uproar,
For 1.4x Silver you will have to own Ussuri, Uproar, Kodia, and Axia, and so on

Note that the silver multipliers will not be automatically added upon owning the required alt avatars, and you will have to contact customer support, and they will manually add them to you!

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