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Empath SOTM: Instead of Empath falling out of whichever hero she is in, it would be awesome if it changed so you are permanently Inside, but at the cost of a increasing mana drain for every couple of seconds over the 30 second limit. something like tapering up to 2.5% of max mana. if you run out of mana then you drop out.

Tarot SOTM: Bound by fate attaches to 3 instead of two, increasing chance to lockdown heroes in team fight.

Nomad SOTM: Sandstorm radius increased to 600, double its size.

Gladiator SOTM: Call to Arms has a Showdown effect allowing to pull back whoever hit by it.

Sapphire SOTM: Unstable Shard now applies mixed damage instead of just magic.

The Dark Lady SOTM: Cover of darkness becomes global

Circe SOTM: Twisted Visage can be channelled while moving and increases time by 1.5 seconds for every hero kill while transformed

Skrap SOTM: Mousetrap gets a sub ability that when activated returns the placed traps back to Skrap, following pathing and blowing up at his feet. 


I hope you take some of these into consideration, would be amazing to see some of these implemented. Thanks

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