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My thoughs on new Adrenaline

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Overall i like it in the sense that his skills feel unique and fun, but it has some issues:

Q) The 50% extra dmg from agility doesnt make an impact big enough to consider getting agility only cuz of it, also the 0,6 cd reduction when hitting more than 1 enemy feels very situational and even then it doesnt make much of a difference unless you get all 5 enemies caught in a temp ulti or something.

W) No complains on this skill

E) Feels a bit akward, the fact that you need to land a hit makes it unreliable unless you use something to close the distance like PK or Shroud, using W to land the hit will already make it useless since you no longer have a way to pull the enemy back, this skill its pretty much useless if not for the drag enemies back part and the restrain in some scenarios

R) Strong skill as long as you have a solid team, if your team is weaker or you are losing the game it has almost no use, at the same time you dont have any real dmg skills, wich means you rely heavily on your teammates in order to get kills or asists, this is bad as a ganker, not to mention he has no farming skills whatsoever. Catching the entire enemy team in your ulti will only get you killed while your team is unable to enter.

Overall i feel the hero needs some adjustments and buffs to make it more competitive



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Adrenaline uses a lot of mana to deal an unremarkable amount of damage. While the rework is still recent and the hero is now fully committed to his restrain niche, I think his 3rd skill should be adressed asap as it's almost useless. I think it should be passive and no longer pull unless activated. This shoud make the hero both more fun and consistent to play. Also a passive cleave on an AGI hero hasn't been explored that much.

Also, pull distance/stun may scale based on the number of stacks or something. Sometimes it feels like the stacks have no impact, and sometimes they just have no impact.

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U know what i tried to use adrenaline on mw and let me tell you this hero is dead there is no way to play him right now because he obviously lost his specialisation in killing heroes for what? For ability to capture enemies with his ulty but the stats of the hero remained unchanged. So if you ask me what they can do to revive him my answer will be turn him into str hero because he obviously lacks in hp and survivability in teamfights. 

I think must lower the mana cost of his q because it was originaly an ability for harass and farm in early game and also they need to change cooldown because it is impossible to stack effect from multiple uses of q on two or more people because they rarely stay in one line

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