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Missing Items In Store

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I don't know if I am posting in the right place ,I have been absent from HoN for a while and came back recently , I have been obsessed with store items , now when I came back and I watch game plays and follow forum discussions I see and read things I don't find in store like :

HoNiversary Lime name colour

- Glowing gold name color 

- some TP effects (I see in game play but not in store) 

- kills count visuals for 8 bit avatars 

- plushies and misfits pets 

- graffiti ground tags for punk avatars when they have a kill 

- selection circles and even creep upgrades

should these items show somewhere ? Or are they unlocked through a certain event which is why they don't show (but even then shouldn't they show in store as unavailable items or unlockable items ? ) and am I on the right client lol?

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Most of them were available for a limited time only, might appear back on future events or you can try plinko!

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