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where hon santas at

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2 minutes ago, blackdaffy said:

Dang, i got ignored again, I give up , sank uuu bajbajajj !

Sorry, this Santa here is dry, hopefully some other HoN Santa's will gift you!

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You should have it in your vault, Merry X-Mas!

@Yuffie Let's not turn this thread into a request product from store😄 (already is apparently)  Just this only time, you should have the product in your vault, enjoy it (that was an expensive one lol

who will be my santa to gift me samuel l jackson announcer to me 😛 I wish all the best to all hon players 🙂

9 hours ago, TheUnboned said:

Dear HoN Santa ,

If you are reading this, please make my wish for Carnelian Behemoth come true!
Merry Honmas!!!

@TheUnboned You should have a look whether Behemoth was fitting into your socks 😄.

For the rest: If you have a request, make sure it is available for gifting.

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On 12/5/2020 at 3:19 PM, RaiizenN said:

"Dear Santa,

I've been......Chocolate Magmousse avatar.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :D"

Changing my request for something available for gifting:  F.L.E.X. Silhouette

Merry x-mas everyone!!



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Happy HoNmas everyone!  I hope all your wishes will be fulfilled by Mali Klause's (and not King Klaus) now and in the following years as well! 

Dear Santa! Just as I gained a lot of weight this month might as well make my wish come true w/  Gluttony!(devo)

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Dear Santa,

I have been asking for The Sculptor Puppet Master on the Plinko exchange forum for some time now, and every time he does get "picked" it's for the store sale and not for ticket redemption. Waiting for 2 months for a new rotation can be frustrating, so I'm asking you Santa (whoever you might be), if you would be kind enough to brighten up this old Newerthians Christmas with this avatar.

Happy holidays to everyone! 

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