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No Response from Servers - provide the requested info

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If you are encountering the "No Response from Servers" error, please provide the requested info:

  • Region you queued for
  • Match ID
  • Server Name
  • console.log file (found in My Documents\Heroes of Newerth\game)
    • Please use an external file hosting website to do this, as console.log files are long & will make this forum thread load slowly on mobile devices
  • Your OS
  • HoN Client architecture (32-Bit or 64-Bit)


Also, please ensure that these steps are taken:

  • You have updated your client (run a Repair if you are not sure)
  • Your timestamp on your computer is correct with respect to the timezone you selected (best way to make sure is have auto-synchronization on)
    • EDIT: temp fix is actually to turn it on, then turn it off until we address the issue
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12 hours ago, TheChinaWall said:

Region: BR

Console: https://www.filehosting.org/file/details/922217/LuecYOvtOmzFBu6T/console.log

OS: Windows 10

Client: 64x



I wasn't recieving this error before the latest patch.

Not using a mobile connection.

Got a response from a developer - you were unlucky enough to have Windows Time synchronization kick in while you were playing a game, which invalidated a time-sensitive check & caused you to get kicked.

If you really want to, you can turn your Window's auto time synchronization feature off - we do not recommend doing that, but it will prevent further issues with this particular patch. Eventually though, your time might be desynchronized and cause you not to be able to play at all until you re-synchronize. It's up to you on whether you want to disable it this patch or just not play at the odd times when your system does a resync.

You can contact Customer Support about your leave & quote my post here and they should be able to remove the Leave from this game from your account.

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My request list was a bit outdated. I've updated the main post


Please re-read and provide the missing info, thanks. Also try disabling time synchronization (but make sure your time is at least somewhat correct for now).

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@ElementUser in my case I cannot connect to chat server or join any game (only Public). I'm using two different laptops and one has this issue (already turned off firewall and antivirus)

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Hey! I've been having this error a lot lately (just on this patch, never before), and the time synch off is not really doing anything to help it.

So I tried everything to reconnect but nothing would work. On another game (not the one above) I was playing with friends so I tried reconnecting by the 'Join Game' button on them, but this didn't work either.
Please fix it ASAP!! :C
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