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Microphone not working ingame, can't find a solution. Please help!!

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Howdy HoNers,


Happy Holidays!

So, recently I've been having problems with my microphone. I'm using a headset, and the microphone is working just fine everywhere else. HoN recognizes it, and I see the little thingy on the minimap, indicating that I am talking, but people can't hear me... That happened 3 games ago...


I tried:

*Reinstalling the client.

*Chaning the sound quality.

* Reducing the channel levels.

* Updating the sound card driver. 

*Switching to different USB ports.


None of the above mentioned works, and I can't find any relevant information anywhere, including this forum on how to fix this...


I know it is a code issue with some of the decoders, so please take your time and fix it! Thank you, folks! 










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