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Servers keep crashing.

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The servers keep crashing or you don't join a game due to server errors. I have multiple games where all 10 players DC;d, nobody could get back in but somehow we all get LEAVER % for this? Please remove all leaves from players the past few days due to server quality. Thanks 

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  • I had same experience in Linux and could not make connection to servers error and I would get drop.
  • Rebooted to windows updated HoN64 more than 10 Midwarz Q someone else drops or randomly I would drop
  • In HoN64 one FOC game I get in and ACK error in game I get dropped
  • Trying to update my HoN normal 32bit and I get "error downloading update .."
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Merry Christmas!

Thanks to the people supporting this game, hope this helps you in some shape or form.


Current Status

Unable to play HoN, I don't connect and there is the message "No response from server"

Managed to get banned for a minute.



Client: Windows (32bit)

Region: Australia


After update experiences

1. Played a good game

2. Connected and game crashed

3. Unable to join any game, no response from server


Actions to resolve

check timezone> UTC+10 Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

adjust time>sync time, Windows time was in zone but not in sync


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In HoN64 I noticed everything including game server settings get reset to all regions, and that would get me into like Australia games from USW and I would get dropped.

After I set it after log out it was getting reset again. If other people do not notice this they'll keep getting in matches that they drop from they'll get banned.

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The team is aware of this issue and is working on a fix. Meanwhile, if you feel like this happened to you, contact the customer support to seek help at support.heroesofnewerth.com providing the screenshot of the match in your history list along with the match ID and your username.


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9 hours ago, hegelsohn said:

you guys gotta be patient until server issues are resolved properly..

How are we supposed to know when there is a problem and when its resolved? Nothing in game tells us that information 😞     Thanks Watchwalker I will shoot them a message. Appreciate it. 

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