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Arctic Harrier 

If we are allowed more than one vote (Because I don't know if the same rules for specials and plinko desk applies here) then also :

Shrapnel (Lodestone)

Lion Dance Disciple 


Thank you for giving us the chance to vote , 

all the love

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sub accounts that don't cost 50% of my salary, lower the price to 1k please and ty.

So when exacly products will change? Last time it was 5 days. Do you have any schedlue? I just cant wait 😁

Make all sets buyable buy silver coins please, since we live in Middle East, we cant purchase any gold coins, so having some avatars is kinda dream for us.

On 11/29/2020 at 5:24 AM, Csalbertcs said:

The entire URSA corps set! Have the entire corps together for a reduced gold cost, like $30 worth of GC. This gets reduced depending on how many skins you already have. I'd also like to see the bonus silver coins multiplayer from them working for Mid Wars too!


Ursa corps set 50% flash sale please. 

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