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How to play Legionnaire in jungle in 2020?

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Hi all!

Long time ago I played (2016). 

Just played Legionnaire a couple of times now and wondered how to jungle with him.

In former times as starting items there were always 2 bucklers suggested on him. Is this still valid?

The guides also say to max terrifying charge first in jungle. I guess in 2016 there was Whirling Blade first. 


Could you give me some hints?

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Nope, you need hatchet to double stack camps.

WhatYouGot's guide doesn't say to max Charge, but Blade. You should follow WhatYouGot's guides most of the time, they are up-to-date. Most legios also seem to follow this convention, which is to jungle faster first and get Whispering as the first item. You can of course skip this build and get the early taunt if ganks are feasible.


- Clear some trees between easy & medium camps for better pathing

- Starting: clear easy camp, double stack medium & hard. Then clear stacked medium camp. Wait until hard is 3x before clearing. Use potion to heal. Buy tangos.

- Always stack if you can't make the timer

- Aggro medium & hard, charge into it when grouped for faster clearing

- Use your whispering to get a Skelly for ganking / ancients stacking

The most common item build is I guess: whispering, boots/striders, pk, chalice, post haste.

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