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Downloading icons or some things during game

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So I woke up ( been playing 4 hours before without problems, never seen this before )

start a TMM game with my RL, we get into the game, everything is normal - as soon as I spawn in the pool, I start having lags and DC sign coming up like when a DDOS attack on servers.... so I open my consol, and see these hNjaz4Y.png


I have never had this happend before, and I was playing 4 hours ago alot of games, without any problems.... so I try disconnect out restart my game, so I click the "reonnect button"... it loads 100%.... and my rl says im in the game, but on my screen it finish loading, but does nothing more, im still in the hon1 lobby. but the consol shows the game going on, even tho its not on my screen....


after like 15 mins trying to reconnect, where nothing happens, other than it loads to 100%... i get into the game.. and it still lags for the first 10 mins in the game, then its done downloading and i can play withouyt lag... until the game is near it end, it starts downloading stuff agian... also keeps doing it in the lobby.


Server : EU ...



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