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Can someone share the Element TD map?

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I tried starting a practice game following the instructions on the original thread but it is giving me an error saying the host started the game without me being on a roster. Any ideas for a workaround for this?

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There is strange records in log file (it's Practice game):

SGame: [21:22:50] Client #0 disconnected: disconnect_unassigned
SGame: [21:22:50] StartMatch
SGame: [21:22:50] Ascension: match info: request sent: client.sea.heroesofnewerth.com/?r=api/match/checkmatch&match_id=4294967295
SGame: [21:22:50] Ascension: match info: error_code: 101
SGame: [21:22:50] NotifyAscensionMatchStatus!
SGame: [21:22:50] m_bAscensionServerEnable is false!

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