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MW balance improvements

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Been away about 10 months from Midwars and I must say: the game has been changed quite a bit. It feels like just about everything has been nerfed. I don't mind this as there was some overpowered crap out there, but some things are just too much to take. MW is not as nice as it used to be and these look like the two main offenders:

A) Problem: cheap short games. Solution: consider increasing base regen to old levels or near to it, and making heroes respawn quicker like they used to.

There are no real close matches anymore. If you wipe the other side you can destroy the main base quite easily with no resistance. One wipe is all you need. The increased respawn timer is partly to blame for this.

Also, the low HP regen of the main building is quite annoying. Combined with the increased respawn timer, there are no sieges possible anymore. Comebacks from being pushed back to the base for a few waves are nigh-on impossible now because the base is so delicate/poorly defended.

There used to be a good balance between the HP and regen of the main building and the respawn time of heroes which made it possible to fight back from an otherwise lost game due to bad early picks. Nowadays, however, it seems as though you can predict many games as being lost at pick. Overall, these changes have cheapened Midwars to the point that it is no longer the highly competitive arena it used to be, but it is a gimmick mode where one wipe is all you need to win.

B) Problem: MMR disparity. Solution: make it less common that large mmr disparity occurs.

For 1900 MMR to be teamed with 1400s is alright from time to time. It is actually a welcome change from the tediousness of 1900-2000mmr plays. However, it has become very common now to be teamed with 1400-1500s. Sometimes there are four games in a row with 1400s. I can understand that it happens from time to time in order to reduce q time. However, it is too much now. Not sure how others feel about this, but I'd be willing to q longer for better games from time to time.


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I definitely wouldn't mind spending a little more time in q for more even mm.

What I find strange is sometimes there are 2 1900 on one team with 3 15-1600 and the other side is all 17-1800. Why doesn't mm split the 2 1900? And no I dont think any group is involved.

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