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Hon x64

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I got that same error when I was attempting to install the 64-bit client.

When you open the zip file you need to unzip all the files that are in there together into the same place.

I put both files onto my desktop and I was able to install it without any issues after that.

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hard to say without further details (windows version etc.). But it looks like the that file went missing at some point. I would make sure you installed the latest windows updates and also the C++ Redistributable https://www.microsoft.com/en-ph/download/details.aspx?id=48145&751be11f-ede8-5a0c-058c-2ee190a24fa6=True

There are also sites to download this individual file but you should make sure the site is trustworthy. 

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@Peodeo You need VC++ Redis 2019, here's the download link.


This should have being automatically installed during the installer unless you unticked it or it failed in the background for some reason, sounds like you have some really messed up configuration.

Hopefully that solves the issue.

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