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Empath with Staff + Gemini Ult

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Empath needs to be in possession of her Staff ult (in our case she had Staff through a boost by someone else).
She has to ult Gemini at any point in the game, thus applying his Staff to him aswell through her ult, as she is boosted by someone else.

This will result in her being kicked out of Gemini as soon as he remerges his 3 incarnations again.

Give Empath Staff (in our case boost through someone else);
Empath now ults Gemini (in our case this happened in both cases, as he was Merged aswell as while he was split, however the latter case has an additional circumstance:)
- If Gemini is split up, it has to be while he has all THREE incarnations, for example while empath was inside of him with her staff effect, as he splits up, then leaves (manually or due to expiration) and then attempts to reenter one of the three incarnations;
Gemini now Ults (if already split skip this step);
Gemini now merges;
Empath gets kicked out;

MID: 160277137
replaytime: 37:12 (most blatant time it happened, it literally just kicked Empath out of Gemini as Gemini remerged)

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If you ult his heropets (Fire/Ice/Light) and then you re-merge, Empath will be kicked regardless of staff or not. Empath won't  auto-transfer to Gemini after this happens & it's intended.


If you ult Gemini BEFORE he splits, then Gemini splits and remerges, everything is fine. Again, intended.

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