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Mini Disconnects and input delay/drops across most servers - Please Help

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Hello I'm a long time player, I started back in beta and recently have been playing again. Loving the game; when the servers work for me the game is crisp and satisfying and I was very excited about the 64bit release as well.

I've been having ongoing server issues in well over half of my matches that I've seen some others post about in the forums as well. The ping and packet loss are fine but I experience input lag and drops intermittently throughout the match. These drops can be anywhere from 0.5-3s and sometimes just ignore inputs altogether, they are often accompanied by a disconnect symbol and they will either persist throughout a match or be completely absent depending on the server. I have recently only been playing on USE and USW servers (being from Florida myself), but I find that the region and my ping don't seem to matter as much as whether these disconnects are present. I have had games with 200-300 ping that were extremely responsive and some with 80 ping that were not and showed these signs.

Many of the threads I've seen about this have no replies, but of those that do, all of the suggestions seem to be that the issue MUST be on my end and not a server-side problem. I would like to know if there is anything I can investigate on my end that might alleviate this problem or how I can go about resolving this. The only thing I can think of that could make any difference is the fact that I'm connected via ethernet to an Access Point router instead of the primary router, although I do not know if this would affect anything.

I have listed below the specifications of my setup and would be happy to provide any further details that might be relevant. I can also catalogue some of the servers that I have been experiencing this on, although there are so many I am not sure if this will narrow down the problem. If it is possible to provide a traceroute to the servers I would be happy to do that as well although I am not sure how to go about it.

Thanks for your time


Internet Connection:

- Verizon Fios

- Healthy ping test results

     - Test Site 1 (6ms ping, 1ms jitter, 54.5 Mbps dl, 8.5 Mbps ul, Tampa)

     - Test Site 2 (47ms Washington, 92ms San Francisco, 133ms Amsterdam, 179ms Moscow)

- Stable in all other programs

- Direct Ethernet connection through an Access Point router extended off of the main Fios router


Computer Setup:

- Custom built modern PC

- Brand new PSU, mobo, memory, i7-9700K CPU, Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 (no hardware issues)

- Windows 10

- No programs running in background (I've started closing the internet browser and tried ending every process possible)

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Thanks for the reply, I do appreciate it.

I have noticed the stuttering slideshow lag in a few matches that people have been talking about and also seen many other players in those matches mention it when that occurs. My mini disconnects and strange lag problems have been ongoing for about a month though and are in addition to the stuttering server lag issues from the past few days when those are present; the issues are also still present in servers that do not have the stuttering lag felt by other players.

Hopefully the server fixes also impact my situation somehow, that would be amazing. Otherwise I'm hoping that it'll fix when I move in a few months and am operating off of a direct router instead of through an access point extension.

My own outlier issues aside, HoN updates are looking fantastic!

Keep up the good work

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