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Mid Wars WTF(Winter tournament festival)

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Welcome to Heroes of Newerth tournament hosted by HoNest! Officially supported&sponsored by Frostburn Studios!
This tournament will be part of the New Year and HoNmas event, organized by HoNest.
HoNest is starting donation goal for this event for the prize pool and the organization. 
Our aim is 600 dollars which includes both of the tournaments, FOC  and Mid Wars, so donating you help both tournaments, if you want to help us please tip here:

Every donation will be seen on our offical twitch channel. 
If we confirm your discord account, you will get special VIP role.

This event will have 2 tournaments, MidWars and FOC. MidWars will be 1st and here are more details about it:



Type: 5vs5
Max Participants: 16 
Start Date:                             Dec 05 2020 17:00:00 UTC/GMT 
Twitch stream start date:     Dec 05 2020 17:00:00 UTC/GMT 
End Registration Date:         Dec 03 2020 21:00:00 UTC/GMT 
Brackets: https://www.honestorg.com/
Registration link:https://www.honestorg.com/tournaments

Tournament is organized using T.O.U.R discord bot, which is special bot created for HoN game.
We took some actions, and made it simple as it can be.
You need to join discord server, get verified and after that you will get Heroes of Newerth role, which will garantee that your discord nickname is same as ingame nickname.

5vs5 Mid Wars
16 Teams Single Elimination
1st round       (4 matches hosted in parallel)                 (BO1) (Saturday)      05.December     2020 at 17:00 UTC/GMT (streamed)
1st round      (4 matches hosted in parallel)                  (BO1) (Saturday)      05.December     2020 at 18:00 UTC/GMT (streamed)
Quarter finals (4 matches hosted in parallel)                (BO1) (Saturday)      05.December     2020 at 19:00 UTC/GMT (streamed)
1st Semi final                                                                    (BO1) (Sunday)      06.December     2020 at 17:00 UTC/GMT (streamed)
2nd Semi final                                                                  (BO1) (Sunday)      06.December     2020 at 18:00 UTC/GMT (streamed)
Finals                                                                                (BO3) (Sunday)      06.December     2020 at 19:00 UTC/GMT (streamed)

Match time on finals can vary based on time needed to finish for 2nd Semi final.

1) Map  > Mid Wars
2) Game Mode  > Single Draft: Each players are given three heroes to choose from, one from each primary attribute. Players have 2 minutes to choose a hero. Players cannot see the other team's picks during the picking phase.
3) Game Options  > Tournament Rules
4) Items  > All Items are Allowed
5) Servers
    - EU vs EU: EU server
    - (BO3)EU vs USE: First Game (EU), Second Game (USE), Third Game (Random)
    - (BO5)EU vs USE: First Game (EU), Second Game (USE), Third Game (EU), Fourth game(USE), Fifth game (Random)
    - EU vs USW: USE server
    - EU vs AUS: USE server
    - US vs US: US server
    - US vs AUS: USE server
    - AUS vs AUS: AUS server
    - LAT based teams: register as USW
    - CIS based teams: register as EU

6) SUB players
 2 sub players are allowed. 
 Players that played last match on tournament for their team will get prize.
7)Single elimination
8)Remakes & Disconnects
 Before any action on remaking a game, captains or someone from team need to speak with tour admin.
 If the game crashes or been remaked after the picking phase, admin will create new loby with AP.
 If the game crashes in picking phase, adming will create new lobby and game will go from the begining.
9)Lobby time
 All lobbies will expire +10 minutes after the start time from the schedule above and will cause in a Team Elimination
10)About registration
 All players need to JOIN discord server, GET VERIFIED, JOIN a TEAM and CHECKIN.
 Players are not needed to be part of a discord server once they do the above steps.
 Team Captains are REQUIRED to be a part of discord server, in order to their team play.
11)All team names need to be in english, excluding bad words

Prize pool: 25 000 GC + 100$(if donation goal is met) !!!

Prize distrubution:
  1st place : 10 000 GC + 100 $
  2nd place :  7 000 GC
  3rd place :  4 000 GC
  4th place :  4 000 GC
Money will be distributed via PayPal, and fee that PayPal takes.

Edited by Dzili

Old school player, with more then 10 years of experience in playing HoN. Currently one of the 3 leaders of HoNest org.

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