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Request for Option to purchase HoN Gift Cards on Amazon

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There are many many people without credit cards and rely on Amazon as a source to purchase Riot Points for League of Legends or Valorant.

It is easy to get Amazon gift cards and top up your Amazon account anywhere in the world and use that money to buy anything on Amazon.

FB should look into this and get with the times even games like Path of Exile and Fortnite you can purchase currency for those games from Amazon in the form of digital gift cards it is a popular way for most people to access cosmetics for games that don't have credit cards.

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10 minutes ago, AngryPesti said:

Can’t wait for my grandma to get scammed out of $400 in HoN gift cards by some dude in India to get the “virus” off her computer 

I watched every one of those Indian scam videos and never once in my life have I ever seen the scammers ask for a video game gift card that's outside of a steam gift card. It's always wallmart cards and no scammer in the world is going to accept HoN gift cards they don't even accept League of Legends gift card and that game has like 300 million players.

HoN has like 800 people still playing this game if so much, HoN gift cards are worthless to them

BTW I am am African Hindu just so you know

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