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900 Month suspension seems fair...

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900 months means you got permanent ban

I think you can appeal through here https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/auth

but since permanent bans are handled by SGMs personally, I dont think you have much chance to overturn the decision

The time how long you played the game, the amount of gold which you bought or the amount of money that you donated has no effect on how long the punishment will last

also you are not allowed to talk about suspensions here on forum, go to the RAP portal and you should get your answers there.

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Hello @animal15

Before coming here to make a public thread about it, have you submitted a ticket to our help desk to see why were you banned? and from what I see you did!
I will not answer here straight the reason to your suspension (yes 900 months means pretty much permanent)

There are 2 reasons we usually give permanent bans for:

Stat manipulation: players that disconnect from ongoing games in order to alter their mmr and rank 
Account sharing : giving out your account and password for others to use.

Being a paying customer or playing Heroes of Newerth for a long time does not exempt you from the rules.
Now i am not saying that you are guilty either of stat manipulation or account sharing and might be a mistake (which i doubt) 

Anyways you should wait for an answer on your help desk ticket before making any public threads!

It is clearly stated in this thread the reasons on why you can get permanent ban!

And what @Cerisssaid  is correct, "also you are not allowed to talk about suspensions here on forum, go to the RAP portal and you should get your answers there." 

An answer will be given to your RAP ticket!

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