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HoNest winter festive event

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Hello dear Newearthans,

we present you our new event, which will take place in December + January, and we are looking for a small help from the community.

This event will have 2 tournaments, 1st will be in December, and it will be Mid Wars tournament, yes you read it right :)))

2nd tournament will take place in January, and it will be FOC(still thinking of Captains pick or Banning draft, you can write your opinion in comment)

As we want this to be great competition we made small donation goal for both of this tournaments which includes prize pool and time we spent organizing the event, and we hope that HoN community can help us.

Every donation will be marked and your name will be shown on the stream, also if you are not part of our discord server, please join and get verified so we can give you V.I.P role.

For more info on how to donate, and to keep track of the  donation goal please check our web site:

For those of you who do not know who we are, you can check all of our social media links, and previous tournaments under the Tournaments tab, or check our YouTube channel where we upload full videos of our tournaments.

Once again thanks to all who are willing to help, and to those who will watch and follow our work.

HoNest team

Old school player, with more then 10 years of experience in playing HoN. Currently one of the 3 leaders of HoNest org.

Follow our work on our pages:




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