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Request Ward Ping

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I think that the pinging system helps just about anybody convey very quickly to the team what they are thinking, or if they need help (especially if they are unable to speak English).

I think a ping requesting to ward/counterward would be a great addition to the HoN ping system. It would also be great potentially for mentors training someone new with ward pings to help teach spots and the like. Maybe this could be added to the ping wheel?



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So I've been thinking more about this.  Looking at the current ping wheel, there are only 4 sides used of the main ping pentagon.  This intuitively would allow an entire ward section.  The primary button could announce "Enemy ward here" while the offshoot buttons could say "Need ward of sight here", "need ward of revelation here", etc.

If a 5th button isn't possible, the "Fight here!" option seems to be a catch all for strategic positioning events.  It currently has only one offshoot, which says "coming to help here".  Two others could easily* be added for "enemy ward here" and "need ward of sight here".

* edit:  "easily" refers to the design aspect not the programming difficulty

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The text announcing the action could be moved into the centre of the pentagon, freeing up space for a 5th menu. Or the whole pentagon could be redesigned to a hexagon or bigger, this would of course take more effort than just branching out on the 5th side. I like the ward-ping idea a lot, we need more ways to increase support efficiency and encourage players to buy and place wards.

Edit: [slightly off-topic] The cancel button could also be redesigned to the centre, releasing your ping-key (ALT by default) while hovering the cursor in the centre, allowing the dialogue/menu to close, causing no action. This would also free up another menu, that could be used for future purpose.

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All great ideas. True, the blank spot at the bottom of the wheel is available. I think maybe the easiest addition for this feature code wise would be to assign a new hot key altogether (Perhaps Alt+W for ward, Alt+E for counterward by default? this way it's faster than typing if you are mid etc.) And maybe a macro saying requesting ward/counterward. This way no need to make a new image for the wheel, and still see if people like that feature in-game.

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