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I had exactly this problem, this was my original post about it but I put it in the wrong forum:





I downloaded the 64 bit client but it's not working properly. When I launch the game the splash screen with the HoN  64 logo fills my entire screen as it's supposed to but when I get to the login screen, the game screen becomes "smaller" so that I can see parts of my desktop behind it, because the game no longer fills the entire screen. Do you understand what I mean? However it is not in windowed mode with the windows stuff on top, it's "like" fullscreen but it's just that the game doesn't cover the entire screen like the splash screen did.

Also, the  game does not respond to mouse input, only to keyboard input. I.e. I can type my name into the log in fields but I can't click on anything, nothing happens. However I can move the cursor around and it has the HoN graphic style. When I go to the config file in My Documents I see that the resolution is set to 1920x1080 (same as my native desktop resolution) and that it is set to be in fullscreen.

I did not have these problems with the 32-bit client, which I have used for over a year on this computer. I completely uninstalled the 32-bit client before installing HoN 64.

How do I fix this?


The following fix worked for me:



To fix your issue, go to My Documents/Heroes of Newerth x64/game/startup.cfg and open this with notepad or any text editor.


Find a cvar named d3d_exclusive and set it to true, this should hopefully fix your issue.




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