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Heroes of Newerth (64-Bit)

Known Issues


Q) I get some missing .DLL Error when starting HoN

A) Install VC++ Redis 2019, Download HERE: https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x64.exe

This should (most likely) solve your issue, *but* a good thing to note is this is automatically installed when you install HoN (64-Bit) unless you copied the folder to a new PC manually, unticked VC Runtimes during installer, or it simply failed in the background for some unknown reason.


Q) My water looks purple occasionally

A) Try disabling reflections in the graphic options, this has resolved the issue for most people ( but not all )

We are working on a fix, if you have encountered this issue, we'd love to know more about the machine you're running on, check out the thread in the HoN (64-Bit) bug forum and tell us more.


Q) Some Item Icons appear blurry

A) This is fixed next patch!

This is actually an oversight even on 32-Bit, the textures are not using pw^2 texture format ( EG: they're 128x135 ) the only reason 32-Bit isn't breaking is we use a specific method of generating textures that produces strange results for textures not using correct dimensions.


Q) Why are there multiple hon_x64.exe's running in task manager?

A) TLDR: This is normal behavior! Don't worry, there are not "multiple" hons spawning. 

HoN has upgraded its embedded Web Browser to Chromium, this is normal behavior as it's spawning Sub-Processes to handle all web related content in the background, it is not creating multiple HoN's, the one that is actually your game will have a much much larger memory usage than the rest, and is easy to spot.

When you close HoN, these processes will vanish, this is not a bad thing in any way!


Q) My Window is 50%/70% of the screen at the top left and I can't do anything

A) To fix this, go to Documents/Heroes of Newerth x64/game/startup.cfg and search for d3d_exclusive, change "false" to "true"

This is a side effect of a bug fix that wasn't showing all resolutions such as 4k


Q) My Mod Manager is not working for HoN (64-Bit)

A) Here is a Mod Manager designed for HoN (64-Bit):



Q) When Updating, it says hon_x64.exe is still running and update doesn't start

A) TLDR: Close the update, Open Task Manager, search for hon_x64.exe and kill it, then try running HoN and updating again.

Sometimes the sub processes for the web browser for HoN get stuck ( a rare bug ) we are aware of this and a fix is in the works, this is a work around for now.


Q) My Laptop only gets 10-20 fps..

A) This is almost guaranteed to be HoN running on your integrated graphics card.

To fix this (NVIDIA)

1: Go to Nvidia Control Panel ( right click on your desktop )


2: Open "Manage 3D Settings"


3: Set Default Graphics Processor to High Performance



For AMD, follow this guide:



Q) Discord doesn't show "Playing Heroes of Newerth" or I can't select it as a streamable game?

A) You must add it manually as a game in discord.

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