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Quality of life - Ward of Sight

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I got quite self explanatory two suggestions.

1. Ward of Sight

My suggestion to this item is to make it free. We already got 50% refund if the ward hasn't been countered, but from my experience it is still not enough. There's too many games (especially in lower brackets) where no one want to buy wards.

Making them free will only improve gaming experience and decrease gaps in games where only one team has a full fledged support who buy wards.

Allowing people to pick up wards for free will end mid lane crying for wards and flaming/throwing games in where they dont get them, allowing them to pick up their own whenever they need.

Ward of revelations would have significantly higher value allowing proper support focusing on countering wards and gain extra gold that way.


*to futher improvement the gaming experience worth considering adding a free personal Ward of Sight that refresh every 6 minutes (max stack of 1) on top of current system where wards are shared amoug the team*

2. Auto-attacking 

My suggestionis to add an extra option to switch off auto atacking completly. This is a suggestion aimed more toward  newish and less experienced playes who struggle with last hitting or supports pushing/puling lanes unintentionally. This change woulf not have any impact on veteran players, and also the option is to be switched off/on at any stage of the.game


Thanks for reading

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i have 4.0 wards/game on my MID ONLY account!
and thats a gold account, you can imagine on my support accounts that are higher ranked i have much more.


as someone that plays or used to play on different brackets let me tell you that the gold cost is not the issue.
supports claiming they dont ward because they dong have gold, 90% of time they lie.
they simply dont want to ward, period.
Ive seen way too many monarch players that say they cant ward ebcause they got no money and then proceed to buy items they dont need and low and behold dont even use their free ward skill, literally ever, even after being reminded of it.

making wards free will lead to people acquiring them to use them for their own and place them in the most useless spots to "protect themselves" and effectively waste them for the team in the end.
it also makes griefing way easier.

no in hon wards should never ever be free, period.

they only way in my oppinion that would work is if each player had one free ward at the beginning of the match and then after minute 4:30 the first to wards become availlable in the shop and form then on it starts as it does now right away.
THEN one could argue that those ressources could be used more efficiently and supports would also benefit alot more from early revwards as it would increase their chance of finding some of the less obvious wards.
low bracket teams will likely waste the right away but that wouldnt be the issue.
the way dota handles it simply wont work for hon with how everything else happens, since in dota ressources are managed ENTIRELY differently than in hon and to a major extend wards ARE a limited ressource.
1 free ward every x minutes + 3-4 wards from shop means you have 8+wards availlable around the clock which (counterwarding aside) means you have vision across the entire map, that renders wards ineffective as a ressource and just promotes revwardspaming.

also there is an option already that disables autoaggro...............

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2 hours ago, Slingslang said:

I vote for this, make them free.

already have proof that it doesnt break the game in anyway. Sometimes it can be good to learn from our "brother-company"  (dota 2).

Oh, then what's your opinion about MerryHONmas' statement? I guess he gave solid reason as to why the wards shouldn't be free.


If anyone wonders about my intelligence regarding this game, then consider yourself visiting this thread:

Alternatively, visit this blog below to see the compiled version of the threads/posts I made on this Official HoN Forum:

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