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Starting queue after player joins causes load to get stuck

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I think many of us have had this happen to us, this is a very old one indeed. 

The way that this is replicated:

1). Send out an invite.

2). Start the queue.

3). If a player joins after you started the queue, the second player will never actually "connect" and stay at 0% indefinitely. Using the new interface, you are unable to leave the loading screen for 2-3 minutes unless you close HoN client and log-in again. With the old interface, you still have the log-out button. Using this, you are able to log out and back in, but then the friends-list will potentially get bugged (showing people online that are not after they logged off while you were logged off. this makes re-sending them an invite more difficult).


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I will move this to Confirmed. Please let me know if you have any other additions to add to the thread by making a new one, ty.


Also, please update your avatar picture on the forums (since you're a GM) ?. Don't want any GMs that lack avatar pictures!

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