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RAP system (trying not to rant)

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Hi! Long time player here. I wanted to throw a few questions out in the open.

I just had a game where no one but me spoke during the picking phase. That happens fairly often and I don't judge a game in advance from that. We get into the game and out green player would say something in the lines of "go bot brownie" "look at your color that means do as I say" etc. I get frustrated and feel like I've read that book before. I hope that they figure something out, which they don't, so we don't have a trilane top and a solo long lane player, who isn't equipped to play solo long. Well... Things don't work out and our laning setup allows their bot lane to gank me mid and have essentially free farm bot. I feel like I am winning mid at this point even with the gank (as I should the match up considered). So things are fine for me and I am praying for my team to do something as soon as mid to late game rolls around. Well... no... our green decides to ulti creeps in the woods (Pyromancer) and our solo long lane decides to call team trash 50 times creating a bad atmosphere and demoralizing an otherwise good game. Anyway, I reported the Pyromancer. Here's problem:

Not only should his account be banned for chat abuse, since you are under no circumstances excused to talk to people like that. He was also refusing to participate in defend our base. (Note: He used the ulti to farm creeps when our mid was being pushed and also stayed in another lane to avoid defending). 
What now? I reported him for one thing, maybe someone else reports him for another thing. Does he get correctly reported? 

Also: When my game is over I don't get the "send report"-thing. At all. Not even after logging out and then in again a few times. Heck, sometimes I get it a few days later and I can't remember a thing. 

I get so sad about this, because there's essentially no punishment for this guy. I didn't end up reporting him.  I don't know if donating helps towards fixing any of this, if does let me know and I will complete the donation goal. 

Also, if anyone is interested I am gold IV, 56% win rate and can play any role. Hit me up in-game I am a nice, calm dude :) 

Kind regards

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Hello @`_support,

From what you described in the first part, it sounds like they are indeed griefing and upon reporting them they should receive the proper punishment.
The more reporters the better and more chances for the ticket to get it and be handled faster, assuming your priority is low then 2+ reports are needed to the ticket to get in and remain there for a GM to handle, but if your priority is high (top priority) then only your report will suffice.
I suggest you read the R.A.P Feedback sub-forums pinned threads, especially this one:

 At the end of that particular game in the Stats screen you should have the (!) mark, at the end of each row for each player 
Note that after you report a user that will disappear.

Our system is not perfect, there is still ground to cover, gaps to be filled but I guess everybody is aware of the Hon standing and the resources there are available etc
About the Goal thingy, I do not honestly know if the devs' priority will be R.A.P, due to the lack of manpower etc, but I suggest you contact them directly.
Here is a list of the actual Staff members, the best suited to answer you is ElementUser, so a pm to him should do.

To get back at our main topic, the griefers that you encountered, there are instances when a report to a certain individual won't get in for some unknown reasons or like in your case you can't report, the report button won't show, you could try repair install or use another account to report, 
Additionally, if what I suggested won't work you can open an inquiry directly to the SGM team  and report it there, explaining that your ticket didn't go through via in-game system etc and an SGM will look into it and if it's the case handle it! - https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/
Also, you could pm me or any other SGM as well (I don't mind helping privately)

Hope that this was of help, but please do read the threads in this sub-forums, many of your R.A.P questions are already answered there,


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Make sure not to report during the game but after as shatty already stated above. The report functionality during the game is broken for ages.

It does not matter if you report him for verbal abuse and a teammate for avoiding afk. As long as there are 2 reports both offenses will be checked. However, if you report someone for VA and you are the only report, only the chat will be checked and ingame griefing will not be considered.

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I suggest waiting for the end-game Disconnect button to show up if you want to report right away.

If you DC earlier, chances are the game will not show up in history immediately and you might forget about the report. (and timestamps)

But take your RAP reputation into consideration.


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