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New picking/draft mode idea - Mirror Mode

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This is mainly aimed to be a mode for mws rather than FoC in regards to tmm, hosted games could use it too.

The basic idea is that each team randoms the same 5 heroes (that they can swap amongst themselves). This mode has the same fun as AR but would be more fair in the sense that both teams would have the same picks.

Also you'll get more interesting situations ingame where the same heroes are fighting eachother. I'm am also open to suggestions, such as maybe each team could get at least 1 str/int and agi hero for some sense of variety.

I love the sound of this, please lemme know what you think.


In my opinion Single draft has grown a bit stale, games tend to get decided at picking phase etc.

- Love TehNubZar (2k mw nerd)

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