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How do I move the camera view?

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So I just installed the game. I run it for the first time and pick the tutorial game. After selecting a champion I am presented with a view of a monster that doesn't look like my champion. I try to get it to do something by clicking all over the place, left clicking and right clicking.


After a minute I realise that I am not viewing my champion, I am viewing what appears to be the enemy base. The minimap shows my champion running in. He shows up on the screen...and dies.

My champion respawns at base.


I open the menu and check options. I remap "Centre" to the space key so that it will be like LoL and recentre on my hero when I press space. I close ti all down and press space.

No change.


I try dragging the mouse to the edge of the screen. Nothing happens. I try clicking on the minimap, left and right clicks, and observe that a right click makes my champion start to move. But the camera view remains the same.


I see that "V" is mapped to "lock camera". I press V and try dragging the mouse to the edge of the screen. No response. I press "V" again and try the drag again. No response.


I open the "Controls" page of "Options" again and see that "mousem" is mapped to something to do with dragging the camera. I close the options menu, and try holding the middle mouse button while dragging it around. Still, nothing at all happens.


How am I supposed to play the game if the camera view is resolutely pinned on the enemy base!?

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