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adapting Flint for a more unique playstyle to actually finally fit a proper niche

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So Flints niche kinda used to be outranging everything but then MoA happened and later Artillery happened and Flint kind of fell into that not really bad but not really any good at all situation in which in my oppinion designwise he is stuck for quite a long time now.
While his Staff apparently was ment to introduce a new playstyle to him in my oppinion it did not really benefit him at all as it forces you to pick one way over the other which makes you really unflexible on a hero that heavily relies on exploiting it's strength to not become just a toothpick that leaves a splinter in your gum but not really has any real effect.

So I was thinking the other day why not exploit the Night/Day mechanic to give Flint a different Approach but discarded that idea for the benefit of another one, however if people are interested i might still post it separately.
Instead I wanted to focusing on further exploring his initial niche of attack range and for the benefit of it adapt his kind of boring passives that usually enforce the same skillup path, aswell as building up on the different paths a Staff could introduce.
So below are some propositions and thoughts how to, in my oppinion, improve upon Flints position in the existing heropool, and how to make him a more viable picking option in general without taking him out of his original niche, in fact rather reintroduce him back into that niche.

Alot of people over the past months have expressed their wish of returning his passive invis when standing still wich personally I think should not be a core mechanic of the hero but it could make for a worthy Staff ADDITION but that just as a general side note.


Here we go:



[Q] Explosive Flare:

-Range from 1000 reduced to 675.
-Staff of the Master: initial impact applies a 1.5 seconds Fear to opponents affected by it.


[W] Hollowpoint Shells:

-Now passively availlable from level 1.
-Bonusdamage reduced to 0/10/20/30/40.
     -now permanent Bonus on Attackdamage instead of passive activation based chance;
-Stunduration from passive adjusted to 0/0.05/0.1/0.15/0.2 to accomodate for it being availlable passively since level 1.
-Now has a 25% flat chance of proccing plus additional 15% for everytime it does not procc, resets after a procc (to make it slightly more reliable and predictable).
      -Every kill or assist now grants you a charge;
-New Staff of the Master: increases flat activation chance by 1% per charge.
      -adds activational that allows to Switch between the different Ultimate versions.


[E] Deadeye:

-Passively now also increases ability range according to it's current level.
      -Ultimate receives double the range bonus;
-New Staff of the Master: Now has an active:

New Name: Deadaim
Activate to reduce your Movementspeed by 25% for 5/6/7/8 seconds but double your range bonuses for the duration (includes Wingbow!)(bonus still gets doubled upon for the Ultimate!). Upon activation goes on a 1 second cooldown, can be activated again to cancel the effect early.
Cooldown: 15 seconds
Manacost: 25 Mana + 15 Mana per second active


[R] Moneyshot:

-Range reduced to 2700 to accomodate for passive (maxing it now gives you additional range to it to make up for sacrificing range earlier).
-New Staff of the Master Effect (coexisting with Old😞

Successful kill within 4 seconds of firing the projectile will grant you an additional 150 Attackrange + 20/30/40 Bonus Attack Damage for 5/6/7 seconds.
Stacks with itself. Assists grant only half the bonuses.
[Exception here needs to be made for pets because of Gemini!]


Some explanation:
I felt that Spelldamage Flint was more of a toxic build than anything else as it usually only annoyed your own team (similar to Scoudex) and ruined the Athmosphere, but also sort of turned into a Meme build more than anything else.
While it may have provided an alternative path to the hero, I personally felt like it absolutely compromised it's once unique position among the heroes, range!

Another thought I had was to continue his current Staffult but allow Flint to switch between the different versions via activation of his [W]. Since double passive heroes are a bit frowned upon by alot of people, particularly when it comes to carries (see current Magebane discussion) I felt that adding a bonus active to his actual niche, the range, would be highly beneficial, particularly since it is to some extend being rivaled by two other heroes (being as mentioned earlier MoA and Artillery).

Additionally I felt like his Hollowpoint Shells were on one side incredibly unreliable but on the other hand also way too unpredictable for BOTH sides, the Flint Player aswell as their opponents. The latter part did not entirely get resolved by this, nor did the first part (would only be achievable through an actual chargebased ability which would make it alot less exciting) but it does help in making the ability more selfsustaining toward lategame or endgame, as eventually through kills and assists the flat activation chance will rise and either meet or fairly easily superceed it's current activation chance. ontop of that, the abilities passive damage being relying on the activation of it made the hero high risk in early game too, ontop of being squishy.
To avoid him overperforming too early I decided to hit his numbers to make up for the average activation to make lasthitting more reliable (foremost concern in this situation).

Lastly I thought that his passive Deadeye could easily also sustain his abilities, to make it more of a pathway to consider earlier into the game, particularly with Hollowshells now being more reliable in terms of damage.
Usually people would always take one of two paths and that would be either maxing Q first or W which made the hero quite boring as he was way too predictable in terms of early game performance, but also in my oppinion activated his niche way too late.
With my proposal, Q and W will still be the most likely to be picked up and maxed early abilities, but creates more incentive to pick up Deadeye on the go or even simultaneously max it with Hollowpointshells when Magicdamagebuild is the goal.

All in all this should elevate the hero into a more reliable position, ofcourse numbers are subject to change and the sole purpose of this brainchild is to reintroduce Flint into the full potential of his original Niche. Should also elevate the hero to Master of Arms original playstyle skillcap as switching between abilities will drastically increase the heroes skillceiling.

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Well, personally I find Flint is fine as he is because he still has his niche that is a burst damage from afar. Also, the current Flint has same dilemma as Dampeer IMO regarding the item builds. So, don't let Dampeer suffer alone.

By the way, I leave this link in case anyone wonder about the current Flint Beastwood: https://hon.gamepedia.com/Flint_Beastwood

If I may suggest the ideas, here goes mine:


Hollowpoint Shells

  • Retains the current effects with an addition: if Flint stays stationary for 1.5 seconds, the proc of Hollowpoint Shells knockback enemy by 35/50/65/80 units away from Flint.

Dead Eye

  • Retains the current effects with an addition: grants bonus attack speed by 2/4/6/8% of distance difference between damaged target and Flint upon dealing damage to them for 3 seconds (stronger effect overrides weaker one, not refreshable).


  • There's no particular reason, just throw some random ideas. It's not like this idea will be accepted given the reason. Perhaps anyone could figure it out from reading the idea.


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If anyone wonders about my intelligence regarding this game, then consider yourself visiting this thread:


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