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Warchief W

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Sorry if this was already reported, but I couldn't see it anywhere,

Basically Warchief W is bugged as of last patch, the horn blowing animation on W cast is gone, so now instead he's just standing there glowing.

Worse yet, sometimes warchief continues to walk forward when he's channelling W, this bug is a bit tricky to replicate but I have a replay where it happened.

(please excuse the crude account name ?)


Match ID: 160065810

Ingame timer : 16:49, Replay timer : 19:04

Near rune, legion side as I'm coming down the hill and use W the hero continues to walk as well.

Side note I loved that horn blowing animation so I hope this can be fix <3.


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I fixed the animation but it will only be fixed if you cast Warchief W while standing still. If you do it while moving, then it won't play it (this is how it acted before that patch too).


I can't do anything about that moving bug & seems like a one-off or there are some other external factors.

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