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Reclassify Wingbow as Combative

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There are currently 19 items in "Protective" classification.  There are currently 17 items in "Combative" classification.


My OCD does not allow for this imbalance.  Please relocate Wingbow from Protective to Combative.


Let's face it; not many people buy Wingbow for the evasion.

Toxicity breeds toxicity.  Break the cycle.

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The downside is people have to get used to the hotkey muscle memory change & grid layout for all entries past Wingbow in its original position.


We tend to avoid doing these changes for this reason unless there's a very good reason for it.

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I feel like Wingbow is often bought for the evasion properties or increased ranged/unitwalking. I feel it is rarely purchased solely for increased agility damage or attack speed. 


If you want to switch a defensive item over to combative I feel like Barbed is more appropriate because people often purchase it for the intended reflective damage output. Regardless, please don't switch items over because I have their shop locations memorized and it would inconvenience me.

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