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23 minutes ago, pigre5 said:

better release 64 bit <removed>

why does dutch and others get to have it and have more FPS in high games? that's not very fair.

I am going to say this once & only once:


We release x64 when we're ready.


We release it on our terms, not some vigilante/group of vigilantes that think they are all-knowing & self-righteous. You have 0 idea about the logistics behind it. Sure, you can spread it to other people if you want, but know that you're harming them because they're going to get a huge patch when we set up our new release & for future patches, as opposed to getting it done right when we release it.


You think your "fairness" argument is correct, and maybe it is for tournament play - however, some FPS gains aren't a gamebreaking change for these players, and player skill completely overrides the FPS gains in these scenarios. Max FPS is limited by the individual's computer as well, and if the individual has a good computer, they don't gain much from having this client. Most good players do in fact have good computers, so the effect it has in tournament play is miniscule.


In short, we don't have to explain anything to you - this is the minimum amount I will write about this, because as a player you have no idea what a director does & the number of concerns & logistics a software team has to go through to make sure everything is ready at the production level. You in particular are ignorant if you think spreading the client in a capacity to be used by potentially thousands of players is the correct move to do right now with that particular installer.


Also, if you re-upload that installer, chances are that you will infect the installer contents with malware - so the users who are foolish or unfortunate enough to download the client from a third-party are at risk as well.

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