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Anyone else agree that Grinex in his current state is a little too strong? I understand he is supposed to shine as a suicide and that later on in the game you can counter him with a combination of well placed revs and baits but his laning potential seems slightly too strong atm. 

What do you guys think? 

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Excuse me please, but NN is much stronger, and he is constantly being upset. Nx has too big a cloud, which does not show the real boundaries, you think to come up and give a camp, but in the end you are touched by a cloud ... you need to do something about it, it is dimensionless.
the second skill is normal, strong, but normal, peculiar to the character's idea.
The 3rd skill should be returned to 100% of dexterity, not 120, this is too much, besides, this character greatly increases his strength with the TwinBlade item, which not only slows down the enemy in a cloud, where silence and already slowing down, and grants an additional hit, which also increases by 120% of agility.
+ he has an early ultimate that allows you to kill junglers, steal runes and gank lanes with impunity, while having a high survivability, but also has a passive agility bonus for something, which gives 15 damage, 15 attack speed, and from the third skill gives 18 more damage (because 15 * 120% = 18), as a result, each fool in the back is increased from the ult by another 33 damage, this is a very strong bonus that gives the ultimate, and this is already available at level 11! and now you are talking about the nerf of the grinex? who seriously loses his fighting ability by the late game when there is Night Hound who is strong early in the game and very strong at the end?

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I dont think Grinex need any nerf. He doing fine on his job and his design. Strong early, weak late, annoying but soft and easy counter with blue ward.

Before his W got buff, grinex is consider weak and now you give him a small W buff, you plan to nerf him, again??

HoN SEA Player

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It's because you buff his W reduce -1.25 armour so he got abuse win rate. Does the nerf -1.25 reduce to -0.5 armour still is not enough and need to revert back to before ?

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