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What happened to artillery?

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I just used Artillery and i had riftshards lvl 4  and savage mace  and i was doing like 20-50   per misile  at min 40  and cant  get a crit with the Q
i had to atk and stop casting my Q cuz was very useless even to kill creeps--


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When did it happen? 


Imo I fought against an arty recently and early on he was pretty strong. Later on we just stomped them so i cant say how he was late game.

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I dont think riftshards ever worked for artillery, atleast in terms of critting.


The reason the item is / was popular on the hero (mostly in midwars) is that when fully upgraded it gives +80 damage. That's as high damage you can get in one item slot without buying doombringer.

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From my experience, Artillery feels most powerful when doing an active farm playstyle; where you farm the lane and teleport to find worthwhile skirmishes or help defend allies. This way you can keep your farm high from last-hitting creeps + kills/assists, and keep enemy farm down. 

Since his damage only scales with autoattack damage, not applying any attack modifiers, I usually find it most poweful to buy complementary items that provide damage like Genjuro (for the slow), or Shrunken Head (for the defense), Spiked Bola for the disable/slight HP boost, Madfred's Brace Knuckles.

But yeah, items like Riftshards or Nullfire Blade I feel are a waste of gold, since I personally am ok with giving up on some damage points for an option to go invisible/slow enemy/magic immune/disable enemy attack.


I think Artillery is fine at his current state, I play him as a main carry from time to time with many good games, some bad games. Should he receive a slight damage buff? Yeah, I think he should, but only slight; even something in the form of extra missiles in his arsenal storage (25 instead of 20 available for firing), increased missile damage % (from 7/14/21/28 to 9/18/27/36). Maybe it can be added into the current SotM effect to negate early-mid game advantage and promote late-game utility. I dunno. There's room for improvement in Artillery imo, but hes ok.

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It's a niche hero against autoattack DPS heroes now. Shreds glass-cannon carries and carries that focus heavily on autoattack DPS like Hammerstorm.


He may not be good enough at his niche & you can bet he's getting some buffs next patch for that. Buffing weaknesses and buffing something against all types of heroes is something we're avoiding now to lower the homogeneity of the hero pool (design direction closer to classic HoN, rather than HoN when numerous S2 heroes started getting everything).


Before, Qi just did a lot of damage to every hero.

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12 hours ago, Lifewaster said:

For the first time in the History of HoN Artillery is not overpowered ---> "Buff next time"" 



I can't really think of a time besides his initial release that he could ever be considered overpowered. There is and has always been so much easy counter play against artillery for him to ever be considered overpowered.

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