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Plinko Exchange Desk & Specials - Vote for the 4.9.0 Products!

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Plinko Exchange Desk & Specials - Vote for the products in the next patch!



  • Only 1 vote per account.
    • No going onto subaccounts or other accounts to skew your votes, we will know & you will be penalized for doing so.
  • Please make your request as exact as possible to the formal in-game product name.
    • If it is not accurate enough & I can't find it within a reasonable amount of time, I have every right to skip your vote if yours happens to be a winning vote.
  • Certain items are automatically exempt, including (but not limited to): subaccounts, stat resets, hero mastery boosts, exclusive name colours (e.g. volunteer positions, staff position, legacy name colour, HoNiversary Lime name colour)
  • You may vote for more than 1 product in your post if you are worried that your vote wins but the product is deemed invalid (or for any other reasons).
    • If your vote is a winning vote in this circumstance, the first valid product will be chosen as the product to place into the Plinko Exchange Desk or the Specials Page.
  • Keep questions in this thread to a minimum.
  • Any off-topic or unnecessary post will be deleted, and you will receive a forum infraction if you repeatedly break this rule.



  • Prior to picking the winners, all non-vote posts (other than the first post) will be deleted.
    • Duplicate product votes will be removed if possible to ensure each product/vote has an equal chance to win.
  • To avoid bias, I will use this RNG website and generate the winners based on the post number in this thread, with Minimum Value = 2 and Maximum Value = the last post # in this thread.
  • 15 winners will be selected, with the first 5 being placed in the Specials page and the rest being placed into the Plinko Exchange Desk.
    • Prices are completely subject to my decision.
    • If any changes are necessary and/or corner cases occur (e.g., there aren't actually 15 valid votes in the thread), I will make the appropriate decision as needed at that time.


With all that said, please vote for the products you want to see in the Plinko Exchange Desk & Specials Page in the next patch!

- ElementUser


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Songkran Witch Slayer (Thai)

Seems like this thread is being overlooked, I'd love to be able to stun people calling noob, krap, bliup or whatever he says. He's fun XD

Just in case there's not enough votes, the Songkran Goldenveil (EN) is cool too.

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