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Fayde SOTM suggestions

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Last couple of weeks I've been grinding Fayde non stop and I think the heroes skill set in it's current form is absolutely amazing and a lot of fun to play. The only item you really need is a portal key which opens up a lot of room for picking up an item such as SOTM (if we had an effect). Now I believe adding a staff effect on Faydes ulti is a very risky move since the ability is allready borderline overpowered. Therefore we are left with the option if boosting q,w or e (or a combination). One fun staff effect could be the activation of E upon using the other abilities, another one would be creating reflections of Fayde in an aoe upon activation of E. Or giving Fayde both physical and magical immunity upon activation could of E.

Does anyone have any other suggestions regarding a concept of a Fayde staff effect? The few I've read mostly tend to suggest some sort of permanent passive ulti which at level 16 kind of already is there. Boosting the ulti with more MS and cliffwalking could be interesting though. What do you guys think?

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I agree. This would also give another incentive to pick up Fayde in special situations vs Ra/Arma/Pred etc and further differentiate him as an initiator vs Bubbles/Magmus. 

Need silence and restrain? Bubbles

Need anti regen/healing? Fayde

Need magic damage and splitpush potential? Magmus 

Need anti push vs summons? Behemoth 

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