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My account is suspended, but it doesn't appear the reason

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Hey JustPlayNub, if you have several accounts linked to one another, the reason probably appears on one of the subs. It's a bit tedious but looking through the linked accounts should provide an answer.

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Hello, @JustPlayNub,

This is not the place to discuss your active suspensions, or any suspension, 
I just answered you privately at the recent PM regarding this issue.
For the future, if you are suspended and can't find a reason for that suspension just create a ticket, and we will talk there since these things should be discussed between the suspended and the SGM team,  not on public.

Ticket here > https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/

Have a good day,

[SGM] — Senior Game Master for Heroes of Newerth
Want to get in touch with an SGM?
Want to appeal your suspension?
 Click Click >
R.A.P helpdesk<

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