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Suggestion regarding mastery and single account investment

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I'm a big fan of the mastery system, especially the old one but even the one still in place. I do however feel that some sort of reward should be attainable for progression past the rank of 100. Now im not suggesting it should be as frequent as below, but how about something for every 50 lvl,  or for something like reach lvl 15 on 5/10/15 heroes. The absolute coolest thing would be to get an avatar of your choosing on the hero you maxed out but I realize that might be unrealistic . 


I really think a version of this idea would help in encouraging  players to invest in their accounts and turn people away from constantly making new accounts, which would in turn help in making RAP a more effective system.


Levels ans progression is essential for the experience as a whole. What do you guys think? 

And lastly thank you to Elementuser and the team. In my opinion the game is more balanced and entertaining now than ever. 



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Not a fan to be honest.

What I would like to see more is banned people having their avatars taken away from then, and the system where new accounts cant instantly join the CoN.

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