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Report DoS/DDoS attacked servers here

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If you think a server has been DoS/DDoS attacked, please report here with the following info:

  • Match ID
  • Server Name (e.g. "EU90")
  • Start time of the game and your local timezone (this can be found at the bottom of the UI in the new UI & is displayed somewhere in the Match Stats window in the old UI)
  • Actual in-game time of attack (and replay time if possible to disambiguate)
    • Even better would be the real/actual time of attack if you provide your local timezone when reporting the issue


Please make sure that you only report if you experience these in-game conditions:

  • The game server actually freezes for an extended period of time (10+ seconds) and eventually ends up crashing (i.e. you get disconnected)
  • And/or, the game server experiences constant lag experienced by every single player in the game (not just by you) for an extended period of time (10+ seconds)
  • Only report games on the NAEU/International Client. No SEA reports here, because we cannot access those servers


Actually investigating these attacks take up a lot of our time, so it is critical that you only report servers that meet these conditions with all of the requested info. If there are issues with the servers, we can communication with Garena and ask their security engineering team to adjust the parameters to better protect the servers from DDoS attacks.


All erroneous reports will be deleted - processed reports may be deleted after some time.

Note that this isn't the place to ask for bans, MMR "refunds", etc. - please contact Customer Support for that instead. All such requests in this thread will be ignored.


Thank you for your cooperation!

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Hello, was sent here from the HoNx64 discord, I get seemingly random disconnects from games (recurring issue but this is the most recent)

"when I play I get short periods where my internet goes out (I think? i get dc logo in game), like maybe 10 seconds, but the game freezes and I get disconnected and can't rejoin the game, no reconnect prompt pops up either. I've tried the reconnect command through the ctrl+F8 console too but all I get is "no response from server" 

Match ID: 161383430

Server: EU96


to add: 


I know you say this is being addressed next patch, this is from a different but among many other matches..

To be honest this is tilting, you can see I am still in the match chat, people are still playing the game I got kicked from. And now it's come to this. I don't leave games on my own accord more than maybe once a year at most. I'm not a leaver, I HATE getting kicked. I did some more "research" as well, since I have been playing with friends when I'm getting kicked(I refuse to call it a dc anymore) from the game I can test spectate, I cannot spectate my friends on the same account I was in the game with, even after my hero is removed. I can't spectate on a sub account, and not on a completely separate account either. So the server I'm playing on must be IP-banning me for whatever reason, leaving me unable to join back in the game. I get kicked multiple times a day. I'm done playing untill this is resolved, I've lost so much mmr, gotten my leave % up like damn bro. Help, I don't want this shit on my statistics

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The game keeps doing things to me I did not consent to. I feel violated
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