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Report DoS/DDoS attacked servers here

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If you think a server has been DoS/DDoS attacked, please report here with the following info:

  • Match ID
  • Server Name (this can be found by watching the replay and then typing in /gi)
  • Start time of the game and your local timezone (this can be found at the bottom of the UI in the new UI & is displayed somewhere in the Match Stats window in the old UI)
  • Actual in-game time of attack (and replay time if possible to disambiguate)
    • Even better would be the real/actual time of attack if you provide your local timezone when reporting the issue


Please make sure that you only report if you experience these in-game conditions:

  • The game server actually freezes for an extended period of time (10+ seconds) and eventually ends up crashing (i.e. you get disconnected)
  • And/or, the game server experiences constant lag experienced by every single player in the game (not just by you) for an extended period of time (10+ seconds)
  • Only report games on the NAEU/International Client. No SEA reports here, because we cannot access those servers


Actually investigating these attacks take up a lot of our time, so it is critical that you only report servers that meet these conditions with all of the requested info. If there are issues with the servers, we can communication with Garena and ask their security engineering team to adjust the parameters to better protect the servers from DDoS attacks.


All erroneous reports will be deleted - processed reports may be deleted after some time.

Note that this isn't the place to ask for bans, MMR "refunds", etc. - please contact Customer Support for that instead. All such requests in this thread will be ignored.


Thank you for your cooperation!

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It just happend to me 2 mins ago..
Match ID : 160557677.
Server : EU.
Happend at 10:10 AM - Friday (Pacific time).
Game started at : 10:00 AM - Friday ( Pacific time).
In game time : Around 8 - 9 mins early game.
It was a 3v5 game and the opponent team was waiting for 15 to CC and I think that DDOS attack was on purpose since they were trash talking us on all chat because my team did not remake.

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happened a moment ago in EU, sadly only have inconclusive details on the match as it crashed me straight into the main menu.
i have a screenshot of what little info i could get from the console but since it included a cookie and ip i did not want to publicly share it.

dm me please so i can respond with it or let me know if i should upload it anywhere else.

PS: one thing i did notice is that ALOT of "skipped cached shaders" and "skipped duplicate pixels" were practically spammed in the console regularly, aswell as the red error message you can see below.



this was the only player that remained in the game but i am not sure if there is a connection.



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Hey, just got 2 games crashed today, as im streaming i got it even streamed if needed at twitch.

cannot see the numbers of the matchs.

server : EU90 is one of them, don't know the other.
match id for the second game : 160578572

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I want to report this match:

Match Name: TMM Match #160586042

 Match ID: 160586042

Server Name: EU

12:41 PM CET

Game crashed 

Game went back online after few mins, but 3 ppl left the match.

It happened for me this week 2 times, the other one I couldn't reconnect and no state was recorded.

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Match Name: TMM Match #160631466
Match ID 160631466

Dont know the exact server but it was EU

Similar to what others said: Game froze after ~16 min, had dc sign for like 2 minutes, game stabilized again but ppl alrdy disced, some of them tried to reconnect. Shortly after that another freeze happens and i dc

Had that happen at least 3 times the last 2 days 😞

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My game crash after 15min and dont come back,

Match ID : 160631466

Server  EU : 90

Happened at 6:02 PM (UTC +1)

Game sart : at 5:45

In game time around 15-16 min 

Had that happen at least of 3 time the last week :(

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