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The Meaning of Full Level Heroes on the Master All Ladder

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There is a section of the ladder that is denoted by the word MASTERY, in all capitals. There are a total of four separate columns in this subsection of the ladder. The ladder can be accessed by clicking on the button labeled ladder. The four columns are RANK, PLAYER, LEVEL, and FULL LEVEL HEROES.

Column 1: RANK - A number represents the placement of a user on the ladder. 

Column 2: PLAYER - The name of the player.

Column 3: LEVEL - The total number of hero levels attained.

Column 4: FULL LEVEL HEROES - Possibly the number of heroes for which level 15 has been attained. 


Now, I am not quite certain what FULL LEVEL HEROES means. I guess that it means heroes at level 15, but maybe it does not.


On this section of the ladder there is a player ranked 13 with 1411 in the LEVEL column and 139 in the FULL LEVEL HEROES column. The username is N1colBolas. 

139 Heroes at level 15 should be much higher than 1411. 

So either FULL LEVEL HEROES does not stand for the number of heroes at the maximum level, or LEVEL does not stand for the total number of hero levels attained, or the ladder is currently broken.

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