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Can russians please get their own servers? i know the game isn't very populated, but im really tired of either griefing or chat abusing russians, they dont understand us, we dont understand them, so please for god sake make them have their own servers.

The game was fine before when they werent playing on EU servers. Its way too toxic and chaotic getting tired of this. 

and this is at every rating, doesnt matter if its high rated or low they are always there fucking up 60% of games


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There is no real discussion to be happening here. We've had dozens of threads like these in the past.
It's clear that you don't want them to have their own servers, you want them to be away from your servers - aka region lock them out.

Pretty much all the arguments that might be thrown into this thread are racist, wrong and nowhere near powerful enough to outweigh the increased queue times for either groups.
Feel free to make a suggestion which avoids that problem into the appropriate sub-forums if you can find one.

I'll be closing this thread

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