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Fatal Error. Help please!

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Okay, so haven't played for a couple of years now. Recently found out the game was making a bit of a comeback and was delighted so obviously I immediately downloaded the client and installed. All happy and stuff, went to play the game and bam "Fatal Error  Couldn't load vid_d3d9".

Done the obligatory search of google/reddit etc and have followed numerous pieces of advice to no avail. Reinstalled the game half a dozen times. Tried running as admin. Replaced and sorted all the appropriate .dll files. Tried running in compatability mode with various OS'. Feel at a bit of a lose end now and would greatly appreciate some advice, thanks.

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 "Fatal Error  Couldn't load vid_d3d9" It's seems there is a issue with you're DIrectX 9 driver, not directly problem with the game itself.

Did you try to reinstall your DIrectX 9 driver?

Btw, replacing ddl fiiles is not a good idea!
And what kinda spec are you running on your pc?

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Hello, try to play with openGL instead of directX. To do this, surf your "Documents" folder --> "Heroes of Newerth" --> "game" --> open the file "startup.cfg" with notepad.

Look for this line:

SetSave "host_vidDriver" "vid_d3d9" "0"

and replace it with:

SetSave "host_vidDriver" "vid_gl2" "0"

Save the file then try to launch the game

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My friend, could you change the title to "Fatal Error  Couldn't load vid_d3d9"? So, people will know immediately what the actual error is from the title alone and hopefully people with similar problem could immediately head to this thread because I assume the error is already solved.

I also saw you posted your problem on community tech support sub-forum, perhaps you could change the title there and copy-paste the solution provided by this thread. Thanks in advance.

If anyone wonders about my intelligence regarding this game, then consider yourself visiting this thread:


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