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MidWars stream with GorillaStark / SupaPowaXXL

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Only midwars stream with games from 1500-1900 mmr, soloQ to 5Q, fun-games to tryhard.

Me and chat analyse, test, win, lose, have fun and have pain-games.

I'm live 2-4 times/week and all vods are saved on twitch after.

Come hang out and chat, join the group and play, ask questions, just lurk or check out vods whenever you feel like.

I try to spread good feelings and I never flame even though chat sometimes feels i should (but i report), let's make hon a fun and nice place for everyone! Doesn't matter if you are 1k or 2k mmr, we are all here to enjoy ourselves and have a good time.

www twitch tv/gorillastarktv (add the dots before and after twitch)

Have a great day everyone!

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