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Game Master - Community Position

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Fellow Newerthians,

we are currently hiring more volunteers for the position Game Master. In this thread you will find all the vital information you will need in case you are interested. So lets get started!

What does a Game Master do?

Game Masters are mostly responsible to keep the community clean from all kinds of toxic behavior in game to ensure overall enjoyment of the game. You would mostly review replays of reported players that were made via the RAP (Report a player) system. Upon acceptance you would start your trial period in which you learn all the basics that you will need to make a fair judgment in accordance to our guidelines. After evaluation of your judgment, and with the blessing of Sols, you will become a GM.

What are the perks of being a Game Master?

As was mentioned, this is a volunteer position, so it is not payed as a regular job. However, you will be able to purchase in-game perks as avatars, chat colors, chat symbols and pretty much anything in the store for all your hard work. Also after being promoted to GM you will receive a shiny GM badge and maroon name color. 

What are the requirements?

For start you will need the willingness and time to learn and good English skills. The journey is at times hard but it repays in keeping the community clean. If you have been recently suspended then you might want to apply later on. In the trial period you will need a bit more time but after promotion it usually takes about 3-5 hours per week to fulfill your duties. Overall understanding of what is griefing is very welcomed and can be found here

Where do I begin?

Great! You can apply via this Application. Please take your time and answer as best as you can. After acceptance you will be contacted via Discord so make sure your Discord tag is the correct one. If you will have any other questions feel free to contact us in the Official HoN Discord channel (https://discord.gg/heroesofnewerth) in sub-channel "GM recruitment". Good luck and hope to see you soon!

Best wishes,

[FB] Narandea


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