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Magebane Rework - poll to gather opinions

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13 hours ago, TheJohns said:

My thoughts mainly going from ElementUser's post:

Personally, I think people are looking into the "anti-caster" theme too much for Magebane. A hero who is functionally better in the late game but is supposed to be a counter to early game heroes is an oxymoron, yes. But I don't think Magebane needs to shift gears just to fill his "intended" purpose. Besides, we have other heroes that can do that. Balphagore has a Silence and his ult gets stronger against heroes that dump their mana pool fast. Moira has a skill that counters spam casting.

Personally, I'm for the group that suggests keeping Magebane's blink. In terms of the "feel" of the hero, it's probably the most important thing about it. His other basic skills are mostly numbers and don't really contribute to the "feel" of his playstyle,and his ult is more of an afterthought of keeping with his theme than an essential part of his playstyle. I don't think most people play Magebane just to be able to nuke someone with his ult.

The biggest problem area for Magebane IMO is his E. This is the skill is arguably the most "anti-caster" thing about him, but it makes him a nightmare to balance. It makes him tankier against early-game casters, which as a carry benefits him because it makes it less likely for him to die before he can blink away to safety. The balance issue is that Magebane wanting to counter casters by design and casters wanting to counter carries are at complete odds against each other. That being said, attaching his survivability entirely on his blink apparently wasn't the best idea either, considering he used to have Flash give magic armor and it didn't work out entirely well.

As for Mana Combustion and ult, they work with each other on paper, but in practice it's kinda wonky. The rate of which Magebane can burn mana is proportional to his scaling, not just from levels on his skills, but more importantly his attack speed, and this problem used to be worse when it only burned a flat amount of mana. This only further adds to the problem of trying to balancing him for both sides. Also the fact his Q gets no bonus damage against enemies that ran out of mana is a bit counterintuitive.

His ult is supposed to reward him for burning the enemy's mana and surviving whatever skills the enemy throws against him, but just leaves so many gaps in his kit. It puts too much load onto his Mana Combustion and magic armor to be effective, which need to be balanced around his design as hard carry. Also, it's just too one dimensional.

Magebane's kit have issues that compound on other issues. His hero design are at odds with his role in the general metagame. What we should do is change priorities.

My suggestion:

Stop focusing on trying to make him a general anti-caster hero. Trying to cover base for every type of caster while attempting to balance him as a hard carry is too much. What I think should happen is narrow down what type of caster he is effective against. If he's a hard carry, why not make him more specialized against late-game magic users instead of a generic counter to magic users? For example, make him a counter to magic damage-based carries like Ravenor and Parallax.

Some ideas I'm throwing out for the sake of balance:

* Make his damage mitigation weaker outside of an active fight. For example, have it get stronger based on how much mana spent or magic damage the opponent deals.
* Change his mitigation from damage reduction to regen. This will make him harder to outright survive a gank, but keeps him resilient late game after he starts lasting longer in fights naturally.
* Split up mana burning and his autoattack damage booster up instead of mechanically having to tie both of them together. Preferably without adding more load onto his blink.
* Mana regen and restoration is a thing, you know. Maybe have his kit interact with it in some way?
* Just rework his ult entirely. Something that help fulfill his niche instead of rewarding him for trying to fill it.

Very insteresting thought aswell, I wouldn't mind this at all.

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