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Game queue after report

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The most annoying thing there is with Heroes of newerth is when you get that troll kid which demands a lane even though it has already been called.

Well, actually, the most ANNOYING part of the game is when you play that game in pure anger, you report this person and you wanna look for a new fresh game and try to forget about this 40 minutes you just wasted on someone who wasnt raised right and you get the same player on your queue again.


I rather wait 10-15 minutes to find a game then to actually get the same player on my team again.

Please implement so that once you have reported someone, they cant end up in your queue the next game, it 99% of the times becomes a troll game as well and it f*ing sucks.


Thank you,


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"demanding and going to a lane even if it was already taken" is not bannable offense, so no one can get banned just because of this

If you dont want to play with someone, then there is a command in chat, I think it is "/who player_name" (without quotes, for example /who Lutzxxx) and it will tell you if that player is already in a game so that you will not meet him in your game.

Suggestion like yours was discussed million times already and it would only lead to "infinite" queue times if it would have been implemented.

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@Lutzxxx I said this multiple times on the forums etc, just because someone “called a lane” it doesn't mean it is rightfully yours to have, NO,
Everyone can go on any lane they want regardless if someone from their team “called it”, but to have the positive attitude towards wining the game and not to grief and make the the team lose the game.
If you and your friends let's say called: “top farm”, you go there and some other comes with you two, that doesn't make that player a griefer and instantly you should report him, because there are no rules broken and that is perfectly fine (if he plays normally and tries to be of help), but if he instead comes with you two to grief and ruin your lane then that is bad and ban worthy.
Hope that this answered your questions regarding this type of players and the lanes they call and go.
The chances for you to get queued with the same person are pretty slim, additionally if he is found guilty after you report him then you will not see him or meet in game for a while.


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