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Banned for 44 days?

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I am currently trying to connect to matchmaking but it tells me, that I am banned for 65000 minutes for leaving. I haven't left a game in some days, so why does this show up now? That's is about 44 days which I feel is not a punishment for leaving you actually do? Haven't been banned for longer than 24 hours in the past so 44 days now makes little to no sense. I have definitely played games after my last leave as in days after, so if it's a punishment for a previous leave I am confused. ?

Kind regards 

PS: Sorry for possibly being in the wrong forum, haven't used this in a long, long time and I heard something about there not being much support for HoN these days so weren't sure if I would get a response from some kind of support team. Thanks! :)

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If you were suspended for leaving a match, then please be advised that the system is fully automatic,
You will have to contact customer support here at http://support.heroesofnewerth.com or via e-mail at support@heroesofnewerth.com, for any sort of help regarding this issue.
And this is something Game Masters have no power over.


[SGM] — Senior Game Master for Heroes of Newerth
Want to get in touch with an SGM?
Want to appeal your suspension?
 Click Click >
R.A.P helpdesk<

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Just now, Saphirez said:

There is currently a problem with the chat server where it randomly ban people for 70k minutes ish.
We are aware of the issue and are working on a solution.
When we've fixed the problem it'll remove the tmm suspension automatically.
Thank you for reporting the bug and for your patience.


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