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Some suggestions for the new patch

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Alright first of all, I have no idea when the next patch is coming and how big it is; so these suggestions are basically what I want to see in HoN in the near future. Some are probably too "luxury" but I thought about sharing them anyway, not gonna hurt anybody if people disagree or if changes take time to implement. I know that Frostburn staff works harder than they should to keep HoN alive, regardless of lack of time and resources, they are doing a good job. So here we go:


Make the K:D/K:A:D and those streak stats visible on the first page when you open player's stats. Instead of this mastery that's almost 100% irrelevant. (and also broken atm)

During the pre-match, instead of HoN logo on player's circle, make it that there is their account icon. Would be a cool addition.

Make it so your sub accounts are alligned from highest MMR account to lowest.


When a hero terminates, make it so a player gets the leave, regardless of match being remade or not.

There is also a bug in which if the player is terminated during the picking phase, they don't get leave % no matter what.

I'd suggest to add a bigger cooldown to remake vote, or make it so one team can vote it max of 2-3 times.

Or just completely remove the remake vote as it serves basically no use. 99% of the time it's being used on either one of these options -

1. player is not satisfied with the strenght of his team and he wants to avoid the loss

2. right after he or his team died several times before 7:30, he wants to try to remake or atleast annoy the enemy by voting

Make the shop easily accessible from when you are in pre-match/picking phase. Not many players know that you can do it by clicking gold or silver coins.


Ophelia's pact

Make ophelia's pact a starting state/buff for every hero at the start of the game (make it cost 0).

Ward of sight

Make wards cost 0 gold and when they expire, gain 0 gold. - supports were recently damaged by a nerf in grave locket so this would be a fair compensation.

Ward of revelation

Rev wards still cost 100, but after you succesfully counter a ward, you gain 50 gold. When rev expires, gain 0 gold.

Power supply

Increase the cost of powersupply recipe because that item currently gives way too much for almost no gold invested. Bring the price back to 500 gold (I know it was 550 in the past)

Iron shield

Make a recipe a component of Iron Shield. Make it cost 200, as the item is currently pretty strong in the lanning phase, negating huge ammounts of auto attack damage for almost no gold invested.

Shaman's headress

Currently one of the best protective items in the game and is also very cheap. Early in the game it counters most forms of magic damage and gives too much magic armor in my opinion and is also way to harder to counter than physical armor. Spellshards is an obvious counter, but you can't always go spellshards on many heroes as a first or second big item. I'd suggest adding a recipe that costs 400 gold.

Daemonic breastplate

Rival of this item is frostfield plate which is being bought probably 90% of times instead of daemonic, as it is overall the better for the gold. I'd suggest removing a recipe.


I understand that some heroes are alot stronger in lower bracket than they are in any other bracket and also the other way around, but I still think some heroes need to be assessed. I assume Doctor Repulsor will get fixed accordingly because his state is obvious to everyone. But some of the changes I thought of are these:


Since after the last few nerfs, Adrenaline is borderline unplayable, I'd suggest bringing back his old Q, instead of this new limited one.


Also a very very strong and sometimes unfair hero after the last change, I'd suggesting removing the armor reduction on W.


In my opinion a very weak laner, and his ability to farm and catch up is just not enough, maybe it would be ok to bring back some sort of AoE damage on E, like back in the days. Even if it was super broken, the damage should be reduced a bit unlike in the past.


Very strong hero after creep auras were introduced, even before that. I sometimes feel like creeps are way too strong until minute 10-15, unkillable and they do way too much damage. But later it's frustrating that alch bones can just kill them. So I would suggest that any form of damage besides Arcane bomb, deals 2x more damage to Ophelia's creeps, just like they do to Parasite. But also make it so alch bones can't target Ophelia's creeps.


Super good laner and also very very good in every part of the game. The main problem is the sustain he gets from his green sword that had damage penalty in the past. Now once you drop some HP, you can just attack creeps few times and you are back to full. I would suggest some type of damage penalty at early levels as it is fair. At lvl 4 there should be no penalty.









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By reading your post, I realized you have absolutely no awareness of how patches and balance work

All items you suggested are currently balanced to their best state. Maybe Iron shield is a bit strong, but doesn't deserve a nerf
All heroes are balanced and adrenaline is underpowered on purpose, because it's a very dangerous hero when on 50% winrate. Basically breaks the game due to his default playstyle

Remake votes are fine. Just because you haven't called remake on better ocasions, doesn't mean you should call for a removal.

examples of good remaked games i had:

1. Server was lagging

2. A player dced on my team or timed out and the enemy team was kind enough to pass (high mmr games happens more often because we just know each other)

3. Someone randomed due to an issue and convinced enemy team to remake

4. both teams were unhappy with their team

KD and KDA are not in the main stat page because people wrongly think it's a good estimator for how good a player is (hint, it's not). Main estimator is still MMR, but if you don't like your MMR, check your GPM and Wards per game. Those are the ones that really tell how good you are

And one more thing. Before suggesting a nerf or a buff on an item, make sure you thought about it properly. 50 gold difference on a 5000 gold item matters. You basically suggested removing a 1000 gold recipe like you were suggesting a 10 damage or 1 armor buff to it. it's WAY too much. Also, they are balanced. Try to find their weaknesses

Appreciate your effort to bring your opinion here, but think things through so you don't waste everyone's time

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I couldn't agree with you more.I see daemonic breastplate in every game because item is so good (not once in every 100 games). Adrenaline is super good and balanced and it's a first ban choice of every player and ofc winrate confirms it. Also ive talked to many people about checking players stats and what they are usually checking is mastery points and how many mvps does a player have. Its obvious. Now when you reach 1600 mmr you will look at things in a different way.

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Regarding luxury armor as the part of this topic, could the components of Mad Mage's Armor be changed? I think the initial idea of Mad Mage's Armor was to replace Frostfield Plate but because that Plate is brought back, Mad Mage's Armor most of the time is less likely to be picked over Frostfield Plate and Daemonic Breastplate to some extent.

If I may suggest, how about if Armor of the Mad Mage is consisting of Platemail and Void Talisman (and Mystic Vestment to lessen Void Talisman effect)? Knowing both activation of Mad Mage's Armor and Void Talisman share similar effect to mitigate physical damage. Of course this new build could be disassembled because there is no recipe to it.

If I break down the suggestion a little, it goes as below:


Components: Platemail (1400g) + Void Talisman (1500g) + Mystic Vestment (500g) = 3400 gold

Stats: 10 armor + 6 all attributes + 5 magic armor (magic armor modifier)

Active (activation modifier): grants -5 magic armor aura to enemies in 900 radius to self for 25 seconds and applies Void Talisman effect for first 4 seconds of activation. Has 25 seconds cooldown.

Thought Process:

  • An intermediary item to Frostfield Plate and Nome's Wisdom / Shaman's Headdress build.
  • Great damage-reducing items solely to non-auto-attack heroes, knowing the active is quite opposite to auto-attacker.
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You're either lying, seeing what you want to see or not playing the game. Remake vote is mostly used when someone DCs or when the server is laggy.

I want Adrenaline back but apparently im a minority, the rest of your suggestions escept for the minor cosmetic ones are way overboard.

Wards are already too cheap and too easy to use, there's almost no downside nowdays. But its acceptable since it makes for a bit of an easier game for the losing team. 0 gold would just be a joke and the wrong player might be getting them for even more selfish reasons than they aren't getting them now. 


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Other item suggestions:


Flayer (New Item) :

  • Components: Helm of the Black Legion (2175g) + Elder Parasite (2000g) + Recipe (825g) = 5000 gold
  • Stats: 250 max health + 6 health regeneration + 15 attack speed
  • Passive: 10% lifesteal (lifesteal modifier) + 50% chance to block 70 damage (35 for ranged) from enemy attacks (only block half as much when damaged by gadgets).
  • Active (Activation Modifier): 85 attack speed + 15% movement speed + 20% lifesteal + 100% chance to block 20 damage from enemy attacks (only block half as much when damaged by gadgets) + 15% damage taken. General parameters (cooldown and mana cost) are same as Elder Parasite.

Thought Process:

  • Reminiscence of Elder Parasite version 3.1.0.
  • Indirect buff to Helm of the Black Legion and Elder Parasite.
  • Alternative upgrade to Helm of the Black Legion.

Midnight Morningstar (New Item):

  • Components: Brutalizer (3450g) + Shaman's Headdress (2050g) + Recipe (500g) = 6000 gold
  • Stats: 10 health regeneration + 8 strength + 40 damage
  • Passive: 20% stun & debuff duration reduction + 10 magic armor + (2 seconds cooldown) 25% chance (10% chance for ranged) deal 35 Physical Damage to target and stun for 1.4 seconds on attack, pausing purge-able debuffs duration.

Thought Process:

  • Alternative upgrade to Shaman's Headdress.
  • Indirect buff to Shaman's Headdress and Brutalizer.


  • Add recipe to Midnight Morningstar.
  • increase Flayer recipe's price, add increased damage taken, reduce active's block.


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1 hour ago, ScrubFactory said:

For some reason I think those items are too good.

I agree. For that reason, I adjust the suggestions slightly. What do you think about the items now?

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Oh, I'm sorry for derailing this thread to not discussing the topic suggested by original poster. So I put some of discussed heroes change through versions honpedia doesn't cover.



If anyone wonders about my intelligence regarding this game, then consider yourself visiting this thread:


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