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Report A Player News 

Hello, players of Newerth, this thread will be here with the sole purpose of announcing new changes, modification on how the R.A.P system works etc.

The Latest modifications made (already in place)

Mute part of an active verbal abuse suspension was removed which means the mute is no longer a thing, you will not be muted anymore regardless of the offense.

Suspensions for verbal abuse that included a mute, currently:

3-day suspension, then 3-day mute 
5-day suspension, then 3-day mute 
1-week suspension, then 1-week mute
2-week suspension, then 2-week mute
3-week suspension, then 2-week mute
1-month suspension, then 2-week mute
2-month suspension, then 2-week mute 
3-month suspension, then 2-week mute
4-month suspension, then 2-week mute 
6-month suspension,
then 2-week mute 

 Now for the players that think they can disconnect from the placement games+ and think that is fine to do and nothing will happen to them, well, you are wrong      



 If you do that you are considered a stat manipulator and the punishment for that is permanent suspension of the manipulated account



Reminder/additional notes

  • Account sharing it is still a serious offense, if you get reported or get caught sharing your credentials then you risk loosing your account for good. 
  • Stat manipulation, as stated above, if you leave a certain number of games with the clear intention to alter your mmr and rank, then that it's considered stat manipulation and again you risk loosing your account

    Both of these two deeds will result in Permanent Suspension of the account. 

If you encounter any of the offenses above you are invited to report them directly to any SGM or through the R.A.P help desk

We wish you all the best,
SGM Team


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